How it Works

How it Works

Crawling & Inclusion

Aflogue spiders crawl the internet harvesting deals & offers. Spider non-friendly deals are handpicked as well.

Relevance Sorting

Harvested deals & offers are sorted for relevance chucking out nonsence and ignoring fishy & malicious websites.

Smart Serving

Categorised, cleaned, relevant deals and offers are available for consumption by the online audience as well as the subscribed smart audience in different platforms.

Why use Aflogue?

Because you are a smart Shopper! Access and subscription to relevant deals and offers from all over the internet in one point is very smart.



Browse deals only related to your preferences. Subscribe to deals of what you intend to buy and we will alert you whenevr its available.



Deals and offers harvested from all over the internet - vetted websites and reknowed marketplaces.



Relevance saves time. You dont have to waste time browsing results of a conventional search engine just crowded by irrelevant things. You can subscribe to the same either.



Works like a charm! If you are not ready to buy then, just subscribe to a similar deal to yours while you're sleeping.

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